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Hard Chrome Plating 

Hard Chrome Plating is an effective treatment for a variety of metals. Hardness of deposit (1100-1250 H.V.) giving greater wear resistance. Whilst micro-cracking (>300cm-1) improves corrosion resistance.


  • Steel

  • Copper 

  • Brass

  • Stainless Steel 

    Some components which benefit from plating with Hard Chrome are:-


  • Pump Shafts & Rotors

  • Hydraulic Rams & Cylinders 

  • Print Rollers

  • Gear Shafts

  • Seal Paths

  • Motorcycle Forks

  • Hopper Plates

  • Packaging Formers

  • Wear Rails & Rods

    Your component not listed? Please Email us or give us a call on (01623) 237858

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